Apr. 26th, 2010

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Yesterday Chris, Curtis, and I went to the RenFest that was going on in Wichita. Unfortunately, Chris sleeps during the day, so even though he got up early, we didn't get there until 4, and they were ending the whole thing at 6 p.m. (even though it's light out until like 9:00pm now? wtf?) AND tickets were still full price, which we all thought was something of a rip-off.

So we wandered around outside of the fence, trying to decide what to do with ourselves -- go to a movie? Hop the fence and hope no one saw us? Sit in the car and cry?

We couldn't find a likely, unobserved spot in the fencing, so we wandered back around to the entrance, where I muttered to the guys, "Follow my lead," and strolled nonchalantly through the gate without looking at any of the ticket booth people or hand stampers or anyone else. Once through, I stopped and looked back. The guys were trailing after me, looking only slightly smug and/or surprised.

We shopped around through all the tents and booths, and landed at a small stage where a magician was working. He wasn't the best I've seen, but he had a pretty humorous if not entirely original patter, and he had some fun tricks. At one point he needed three volunteers and he called Chris, Curtis and me up together, so that was fun. I may or may not have gotten a close accidental look at how that trick worked.

We walked around some more, avoided all the overpriced fair foods, watched a little bit of the singing pirates, and thought about what to buy. I was leaning toward either one of the knifes with leather sheathes, or one of the belly dancing sashes with all the coins on them. Chris wanted to get a couple of the silver goblets we'd spotted, so we went to that booth first, then back to the leather & sharp pointy object booth.

I ended up finding a pretty nice knife for $10. It needs to be sharpened, but it's really an impressively good knife, especially for $10. And since it was so cheap, I had enough to get the sash TOO. So I came home feeling quite smug and satisfied.

I had my camera, but the only thing I took a picture of the whole day was a sign on a sword rack that said, "Don't Be Stupid."

I'll get pictures of the knife, goblets, and sash (probably tied around my butt) when I get a chance.

We all decided the fair was definitely worth the price of admission.


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