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Oh my goodness gracious, I have 4 unused icon slots for LJ. Whatever shall I do? Must... have... icons! My new Christmas icon comes courtesy of [ profile] darklingwoods, one of my very favorite artists, inspired by [ profile] tw_babiez, my very favorite fanfic.

Tonight I realized how lazy technology makes me when I started texting Chris about plans for later on in the evening, even though he was right downstairs. It was just TOO FAR to walk.

So far my Christmas vacation has been busier than the whole semester. I think that will improve when I finish making all the gifts I want to make. I did mail everything that needs mail, I think, although I still haven't heard from Michael on whether or not he's going to let me know when he's in Fredonia. In which case I might end up mailing stuff for the Pittsburg crew... blah. I've spent enough on postage, thank you very much.

But I still have to finish getting Christmas cards together. So if you haven't gotten one yet... you still might.

The cats like to sit on the bathroom counter. It's no longer a safe place for toothbrushes, contact cases, or anything else that you want to keep generally hygienic.

So anyway. Just jotting down a few thoughts. Now time to go watch a Christmas movie while working on making Christmas presents!
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What is that Cold Miser song from? I feel like I should know... but I don't. It's from a movie right? What movie?
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[13:50] richlayers: is it digital?
[13:51] mfienen: Yeah.
[13:51] mfienen: dSLR
[13:53] mfienen:
[13:55] richlayers: how much was it?
[13:56] mfienen: Got it for $500.
[13:57] mfienen: Compare at
[13:57] richlayers: yeah I saw all the comparison prices at the bottom of the first page you sent me
[13:58] richlayers: well, it's a little early, but it's a really thoughtful christmas present
[13:58] richlayers: I'll let you know when it gets here
[13:58] mfienen: Yay Craig's List.
[13:58] mfienen: Wait... what?
[13:58] mfienen: Christmas what?
[13:58] richlayers: all right all right
[13:59] richlayers: it can be my combined Christmas and birthday present
[13:59] richlayers: I understand
[13:59] mfienen: Sure thing.
[13:59] mfienen: I'll get right on that.
[13:59] richlayers: I appreciate it.


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