Sep. 13th, 2010 08:26 pm
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richlayers: I think I'm going with Sister and Serpent
ladytairngire: ok good
ladytairngire: I went with just the brownie
ladytairngire: and milk.
richlayers: lol
richlayers: Brownie and Milk
richlayers: now there's a fantasy poem waiting to happen
richlayers: DING DING DING
ladytairngire: awww, I think it sounds like names for kittens
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FoxArris: ?
FoxArris: k
FoxArris: I know
richlayers: I KNOW TOO
richlayers: lol
richlayers: lots of coffee
FoxArris: ok
FoxArris: calm down lol
richlayers: okay
richlayers: I think I'm all right
richlayers: for the time being
richlayers: but I just might start yelling again if I need to
FoxArris: just dont hurt yourself
FoxArris: lol or anyone around you
richlayers: there's no one around me :)
richlayers: unless you count you
FoxArris: I sometimes do
FoxArris: even if I dont count for much
richlayers: I count you
richlayers: but I don't think I can do much damage from here
FoxArris: psychological maybe
richlayers: ya think?
FoxArris: its possible
FoxArris: I mean obviously you're not going to remotely bash me over the head or something
richlayers: that would be cool if I could, though
richlayers: I mean, I think it would be worth the pain and agony just because I'd be reaching through cyberspace, 1000 miles away
FoxArris: you'd be able to wake me up
richlayers: awesome
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hymiez: ugh. I wish I could rewind this year
richlayers: to where?
hymiez: New Years Day
richlayers: IT WAS MAGICAL
hymiez: ?!
hymiez: we never had a night together... lol
richlayers: ON THE BALCONY
hymiez: did we?!
hymiez: lol
richlayers: UNDER THE STARS!
hymiez: OH
richlayers: AFTER THE MOVIE!
hymiez: that :D
hymiez: yes
hymiez: lol
richlayers: AND DOCTOR TRAN!
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[13:50] richlayers: is it digital?
[13:51] mfienen: Yeah.
[13:51] mfienen: dSLR
[13:53] mfienen: http://www.steves-digicams.com/camera-reviews/nikon/d80-slr/nikon-d80-slr-review.html
[13:55] richlayers: how much was it?
[13:56] mfienen: Got it for $500.
[13:57] mfienen: Compare at http://cgi.ebay.com/Nikon-D80-10-2MP-SLR-18-105-VR-Lens-4GB-KIT-BRAND-NEW_W0QQitemZ220504843418QQcmdZViewItemQQptZDigital_Cameras?hash=item33571ce49a
[13:57] richlayers: yeah I saw all the comparison prices at the bottom of the first page you sent me
[13:58] richlayers: well, it's a little early, but it's a really thoughtful christmas present
[13:58] richlayers: I'll let you know when it gets here
[13:58] mfienen: Yay Craig's List.
[13:58] mfienen: Wait... what?
[13:58] mfienen: Christmas what?
[13:58] richlayers: all right all right
[13:59] richlayers: it can be my combined Christmas and birthday present
[13:59] richlayers: I understand
[13:59] mfienen: Sure thing.
[13:59] mfienen: I'll get right on that.
[13:59] richlayers: I appreciate it.
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(12:04:13 AM) disorderlysalmon: Your mom gave me swine flu. :(
(12:04:28 AM) richlayers: She was in Mexico. I told her not to go.


richlayers: No response though.
FoxArris: I hate that
FoxArris: I get a fish and I'm like oh hey. Cool
FoxArris: And nothing happens
richlayers: yeah
richlayers: oh well
FoxArris: Its like I fished up a headless coho


Apr. 13th, 2009 11:19 pm
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[23:03] shimmeringsalmon: When the robots revolted, I was not considered a powerful enough robot to enslave humans. That made me sad. DOWNTRODDEN ROBOTS OF THE WORLD UNITE!
[23:05] richlayers: Preach it, it!
[23:07] shimmeringsalmon: Where did you get my name?
[23:07] richlayers: From the robot revolution?

That was ALL.
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[15:07] drewandcrew2002: yay!
[15:08] drewandcrew2002: fun
[15:09] richlayers: lolyay
[15:09] drewandcrew2002: lolyay
[15:09] drewandcrew2002: :D
[15:10] drewandcrew2002: lolyayfun!
[15:10] richlayers: lolyayfuning?!
[15:10] drewandcrew2002: totallolyayfuning!
[15:11] richlayers: totallolyayfuningcopters!
[15:12] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcopters!
[15:13] richlayers: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo!
[15:16] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfobbq!
[15:16] richlayers: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo...omgwtfbbq...
[15:17] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo...omgwtfbbq...of doom
[15:19] richlayers: I think you win.
[15:20] drewandcrew2002: yay! :D

This seems extremely true to me: http://thisisindexed.com/2009/04/deadlines/

Forget about the hybrid auto -- Shai Agassi says it's electric cars or bust if we want to impact emissions. His company, Better Place, has a radical plan to take entire countries oil-free by 2020. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 18:06.)
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[01:05] valuedsalmon: Hi, Billy Mays here with another fantastic coho.
[01:05] richlayers: Who is Billy Mays?
[01:05] valuedsalmon: Huh
[01:06] richlayers: Well you said you are him.
[01:06] valuedsalmon: I don't who u r that's the problem
[01:06] richlayers: Who are you?
[01:07] valuedsalmon: You aim'd me?
[01:07] valuedsalmon: Don't answer a question with one
[01:08] richlayers: No I didn't.
[01:08] richlayers: I'm not even on aim, I'm on yahoo.
[01:08] valuedsalmon: Whatever it is
[01:08] valuedsalmon: Lata
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[15:15] richlayers: I accidentally a coca cola bottle, is this bad?
[15:17] pastoromuppetz: You accidentally what a coca cola bottle?
[15:18] pastoromuppetz: It could be bad or good
[15:18] richlayers: Oh I was just messing arond and I accidentally the whoooole bottle.
[15:19] pastoromuppetz: accidentally what?
[15:20] richlayers: a coca-cola bottle
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: but what did you do with it?
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: accidentally
[15:20] richlayers: hold on one sec I need to the bottle
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: Wow you're making my head hurt
[15:21] richlayers: oh sorry it's just hard that I'm trying to type with you and I'm having a hard time when the whole bottle accidentally LOL
[15:22] pastoromuppetz: Ok
[15:23] richlayers: Well you know when you and then the whole bottle gets stuck.
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: Actually I don't know
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: But I'll take your word for it
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: And just imagine the dirtiest possible scenario with a coke bottle getting stuck
[15:25] richlayers: Well you know, have you ever with a bottle? This is the whole thing.
[15:27] richlayers: well maybe I can explain it better when I tell you
[15:28] richlayers: See, I was screwing around in the playground, with the poles in it, and then a couple of guys came around with these coca-cola bottles
[15:28] richlayers: they were really up to no good, then we were and suddenly I accidentally the WHOLE BOTTLE
[15:29] pastoromuppetz: That makes sense
[15:29] richlayers: and my mom got scared and said "you're accidentally the whole bottle with your auntie and uncle in bel-air"
[15:29] richlayers: I whistled for a coca cola truck and when I came near the bottle said FRESH
[15:29] richlayers: and had ICE in the rear


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