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So, another theatre dream, two in a row! I wonder what that means.

This time I dreamed that Gil cast me as about 6 minor roles in Macbeth. I'm not even sure there are six minor roles that could be cast as one person but there you have it. However, this time I didn't even get to the first read through before I woke up.
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I had a dream that I went away for the weekend, and when I got home I found out I'd been cast as Wendy in Peter Pan. Dr. Allan was directing and I can only imagine, now that I'm awake, that Lucy must have been playing Peter. We only got as far as blocking before I woke up, but strangely enough the set was already almost done. They were still debating on whether or not we'd actually rig harnesses to do some flying.

It made me miss theatre. Or maybe it made me miss flying. Hard to say.
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Last night I had a dream that I started a new comic. I think I started it with Aaron again cause he was really annoyed about all the drawing styles involved. But it totally made sense because...

The comic was about a coalition of webcomic characters unionizing over some outrage in the cyberworld. I'm not too clear on the details. So there was art from all sorts of recognizable comics. There was T-Rex and Tycho, sitting down with characters from PvP and Questionable Content, and in walks a stick figure in a hat....

But there was also a lot of guest art and lots of little start up comics that wanted cameos cooperated... it was good times.


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