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I just watched 500 Days of Summer, and I loved it, almost entirely.

Just to get it out of the way: Summer is stated as being average height (5'5") and average weight (121 lbs). Ummm what average? If that's the average--the middle--how skinny are our skinny girls these days? Under 100? That's just grotesque, and anyone in a Hollywood movie (even if it's Fox Searchlight) does not represent average. Thanks for perpetuating our unhealthy weight prejudices....

BUT other than that it was an amazing movie, full of lots of little moments that felt real and believable, and made more so by the fact that ... spoilers of course )
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Chris and I made the mistake of going to see The Expendables a couple weeks ago. We spent the drive home analyzing it with more scrutiny than it was ever meant to hold up to. I told him, "I imagine the script started with something like, "SIX CAVEMEN ENTER A BOAT!"

He took the notion and developed it into The Expendables: Reverse-Engineered Screenplay. It is wholly worthwhile and hilarious; you must read it and laugh.
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I had a pretty good day on Friday. I slept in, then slowly got myself together in time to go to lunch with mom. We went to the Mexican place and had chimichangas and margaritas. Then I went to the library to see if any of my ILLs were in (they weren't, but I have plenty to read).

I went home in the afternoon in time to meet Gregory and Chris at my house. B called to wish me happy birthday, which was fun. We hung out and played Magic until my grandparents showed up for dinner, when we had Dad's homemade pizza. There were some presents presented, among others: Got a gorgeous Blue Willow tea set from mom, as well as an iHome. Greg got me The Child Thief by Brom -- yay! Chris got me a nice hefty external hard drive and a cover for my iPod (which he got me for Christmas). Then there was The Greatest Birthday Cake in the World, which we consumed with mighty amounts of ice cream.

Then Gregory, Chris and I went over to Chris's to watch The Shawshank Redemption, since Chris works in a prison and he's never seen it. Only I wanted some wine, and there was no bottle opener, so we went to Walmart for that, a new lightbulb, and I found a copy of Tropic Thunder at a buy-myself-a-birthday-present price.

We watched Shawshank Redemption with wine for me to drink and pizza bites for us all to eat... and then decided to rock out with some rock band. Only... we didn't have enough batteries for the guitars. So another trip to Walmart and a $5 copy of Super Troopers later, we were back in the warm apartment rocking out.

Overall, it was a little too much Walmart for my birthday. Oh well.

Finally came home and crashed around 5, a little after Gregory headed back to Manhattan, where he had to be late in the morning to help a friend move.

It was an awesome day.

And NOW the holidays are over.
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I cannot say how much I'm looking forward to this:

I will say that I fell completely into the camp of those who loved The Lovely Bones, although I know there were also many who hated it. I've never spoken with anyone who didn't either love it or hate it -- which I'd say is quite a recommendation if you haven't read it yet.
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Hits the nail on the head!

GI Joe

Aug. 12th, 2009 02:03 pm
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This is sort of a review. Sort of.

My mind is just boggled by the negative reaction to GI Joe. Mostly because it doesn't seem to be, "Ehh, it wasn't my thing/I didn't really like it," so much as the people who didn't like it really HATED it, reviled it, thought it was the worst movie ever, or reacted in some other way to convey a disappointment so extreme that it evoked in them an emotion better reserved for genocide or ex-boyfriends.

Okay, so this movie wasn't life-changing for me. The plot was fairly predictable, the love stories lacked originality, the bad guy had some cheesy lines. The physics occasionally visited the realm of gross improbability. The special effects were shiny, the explosions were big, the Baroness wore leather, Channing Tatum looked ripped, the best buddy had some funny lines, the... ice sank in water? All the kinds of things that I expect from a summer action flick. Well worth the price of a matinee for a couple hours of mindless fun.

So my question is, what were these people expecting? Seriously, if you want an intellectual thriller, a tightly woven plot, deep and original characters... Why are you going to see a movie made by HASBRO? But, as my friend Gregory said:

"Well, the original cartoon was one of the most intellectual sci-fi/action/toy commercial cartoons of all time...I can see how they might be disappointed."
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No kidding!!!

Yay Dahl!


May. 1st, 2009 01:38 pm
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I've been a member of PaperBackSwap for probably 4 years now, and I see that SwapaDVD is now up and running full-fledged. This... excites me.

So if you want a cheap and easy way to get new movies, check it out (and sign up through my link so I get a credit! :D):

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Okay, I'd be satisfied just with a copy of Pete's Dragon.
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Neil's right; I really like this one!

I'm totally going to the Warren to see the 3D release.


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