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Last week I got an email informing me that I was one of three First Prize winners in Melissa Marr's Radiant Prose writing contest. I didn't believe it at first, but it's sunk in now. The prize is a $25 Apple giftcard and a signed copy of Melissa's newest book, Radiant Shadows. I am totally thrilled. :D

ALSO, Chris is having three short stories published at Flash Shot, which features a daily flash fiction story. His first one will appear on September 21st.
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Chris and I made the mistake of going to see The Expendables a couple weeks ago. We spent the drive home analyzing it with more scrutiny than it was ever meant to hold up to. I told him, "I imagine the script started with something like, "SIX CAVEMEN ENTER A BOAT!"

He took the notion and developed it into The Expendables: Reverse-Engineered Screenplay. It is wholly worthwhile and hilarious; you must read it and laugh.
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ladytairngire: how long are you going to be gone?
richlayers: pff
richlayers: one week
richlayers: Aug 3-10
ladytairngire: i'll totally be texting you
richlayers: GOOD
richlayers: you can do that today, too
ladytairngire: and reminding you how close NY is to DE
ladytairngire: ok
richlayers: if you have any errands that require Rachel commentary
richlayers: haha you do that
ladytairngire: maybe i'll text you while i shave
ladytairngire: that would be nice and kinky
richlayers: that's what I was gonna say
ladytairngire: bigamy is legal in Utah,
ladytairngire: so i've been told.
richlayers: ooooh
richlayers: I could have a husband AND a wife!
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A sister and madness

She stops babbling and starts burbling. The burble rises to a sound you barely recognise. Is that a song? Her neck convulses as if the muscles of her throat are in revolt. But the effect is weirdly calming. Each note follows the last like a stylishly dressed assassin: dramatic, unexpected, inevitable. You find yourself nodding along. Even Hephaesta seems relaxed.

The song ends and your friend starts making a little more sense. Someone was hunting her down, but she couldn't abandon her twin sister, the Eccentric Opera Singer. Her sister has been driven mad, though, and is in the place mad people go. Will you make sure she is safe? She pulls a locket from her neck and presses it into your hands before she slumps back into a deep, calm sleep.

[To find her sister, you'll need to increase your Nightmares enough to get into the place that mad people go.]
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We got back from Mexico on Friday night/Saturday morning about 1:00 AM, and I've been sleeping and grooming mostly nonstop since then. Ahhhh hot shower, how I love you! Much more about that, and many pictures, coming soon.

Now I'm swinging into party planning mode, because I think that's a much better way to think about this wedding/reception than to go crazy trying to figure out how to have a WEDDING. We did figure out a date finally that will work for Chris's family and mine, so it's July 30th! Yay! I figure having a very short time frame will keep away the possibility of things getting out-of-control fancy and expensive. The ceremony itself will be tiny tiny tiny, just our immediate families. More information about the reception, coming soon!

The guy still isn't done with my ring. We found one we liked at a store, but it had a diamond and so it's getting replaced with a sapphire. I was really hoping it would be done and ready to wear when I got back from my trip, but I think it'll be worth the wait. Engagement ring, coming soon!

Mom and I shopped like crazy yesterday, and I think I may have found a dress. Plus I think the wedding registry is pretty much done. We're on and, so if you are the kind of person who wants to send wedding presents, that is where to find us. Thank you notes, coming soon!
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Dear Everybody,

This is just to let everyone know everything that's going on.

1) I quit the realtime reporting/steno program! There is a long story behind this, but just know, it's the right decision and I'm okay with it. Anyone want to buy a steno machine?

2) I'm ENGAGED?! Haha yes I am. Weird, right? I've got the guy picked out and everything.

3) I'm going to Mexico! I'll be back next Friday night.

So point me to your important updates here cause I won't be scrolling back through 1000+pages of friends entries. Or whatever however much you guys all update....

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Yesterday Chris, Curtis, and I went to the RenFest that was going on in Wichita. Unfortunately, Chris sleeps during the day, so even though he got up early, we didn't get there until 4, and they were ending the whole thing at 6 p.m. (even though it's light out until like 9:00pm now? wtf?) AND tickets were still full price, which we all thought was something of a rip-off.

So we wandered around outside of the fence, trying to decide what to do with ourselves -- go to a movie? Hop the fence and hope no one saw us? Sit in the car and cry?

We couldn't find a likely, unobserved spot in the fencing, so we wandered back around to the entrance, where I muttered to the guys, "Follow my lead," and strolled nonchalantly through the gate without looking at any of the ticket booth people or hand stampers or anyone else. Once through, I stopped and looked back. The guys were trailing after me, looking only slightly smug and/or surprised.

We shopped around through all the tents and booths, and landed at a small stage where a magician was working. He wasn't the best I've seen, but he had a pretty humorous if not entirely original patter, and he had some fun tricks. At one point he needed three volunteers and he called Chris, Curtis and me up together, so that was fun. I may or may not have gotten a close accidental look at how that trick worked.

We walked around some more, avoided all the overpriced fair foods, watched a little bit of the singing pirates, and thought about what to buy. I was leaning toward either one of the knifes with leather sheathes, or one of the belly dancing sashes with all the coins on them. Chris wanted to get a couple of the silver goblets we'd spotted, so we went to that booth first, then back to the leather & sharp pointy object booth.

I ended up finding a pretty nice knife for $10. It needs to be sharpened, but it's really an impressively good knife, especially for $10. And since it was so cheap, I had enough to get the sash TOO. So I came home feeling quite smug and satisfied.

I had my camera, but the only thing I took a picture of the whole day was a sign on a sword rack that said, "Don't Be Stupid."

I'll get pictures of the knife, goblets, and sash (probably tied around my butt) when I get a chance.

We all decided the fair was definitely worth the price of admission.
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Today I went to class where I failed to pass any tests. My computer is finally compatible with the school printers, until it randomly stops working again -- I don't have my hopes up. Spent about an hour trying to fix Lisa's computer, with promising results. Will turn the whole thing over to BoyfriendUnit tonight.

In commiseration of failures of the day, Lisa bought me a soda, which I dumped on my passenger seat while taking a corner. Managed to catch it after only minor spillage and switch broken Styrofoam out for empty coffee mug. Had to take the long way back to the turnpike because someone has decided to dump huge piles of dirt all over my road.

Got to the library outer door, opened it, walked through, promptly tripped on rug and went down on one knee. In a painful way.

Do not feel like practicing or doing anything productive for the rest of the day.

And it's only just after noon. :/
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I had a pretty good day on Friday. I slept in, then slowly got myself together in time to go to lunch with mom. We went to the Mexican place and had chimichangas and margaritas. Then I went to the library to see if any of my ILLs were in (they weren't, but I have plenty to read).

I went home in the afternoon in time to meet Gregory and Chris at my house. B called to wish me happy birthday, which was fun. We hung out and played Magic until my grandparents showed up for dinner, when we had Dad's homemade pizza. There were some presents presented, among others: Got a gorgeous Blue Willow tea set from mom, as well as an iHome. Greg got me The Child Thief by Brom -- yay! Chris got me a nice hefty external hard drive and a cover for my iPod (which he got me for Christmas). Then there was The Greatest Birthday Cake in the World, which we consumed with mighty amounts of ice cream.

Then Gregory, Chris and I went over to Chris's to watch The Shawshank Redemption, since Chris works in a prison and he's never seen it. Only I wanted some wine, and there was no bottle opener, so we went to Walmart for that, a new lightbulb, and I found a copy of Tropic Thunder at a buy-myself-a-birthday-present price.

We watched Shawshank Redemption with wine for me to drink and pizza bites for us all to eat... and then decided to rock out with some rock band. Only... we didn't have enough batteries for the guitars. So another trip to Walmart and a $5 copy of Super Troopers later, we were back in the warm apartment rocking out.

Overall, it was a little too much Walmart for my birthday. Oh well.

Finally came home and crashed around 5, a little after Gregory headed back to Manhattan, where he had to be late in the morning to help a friend move.

It was an awesome day.

And NOW the holidays are over.
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Oh my goodness gracious, I have 4 unused icon slots for LJ. Whatever shall I do? Must... have... icons! My new Christmas icon comes courtesy of [ profile] darklingwoods, one of my very favorite artists, inspired by [ profile] tw_babiez, my very favorite fanfic.

Tonight I realized how lazy technology makes me when I started texting Chris about plans for later on in the evening, even though he was right downstairs. It was just TOO FAR to walk.

So far my Christmas vacation has been busier than the whole semester. I think that will improve when I finish making all the gifts I want to make. I did mail everything that needs mail, I think, although I still haven't heard from Michael on whether or not he's going to let me know when he's in Fredonia. In which case I might end up mailing stuff for the Pittsburg crew... blah. I've spent enough on postage, thank you very much.

But I still have to finish getting Christmas cards together. So if you haven't gotten one yet... you still might.

The cats like to sit on the bathroom counter. It's no longer a safe place for toothbrushes, contact cases, or anything else that you want to keep generally hygienic.

So anyway. Just jotting down a few thoughts. Now time to go watch a Christmas movie while working on making Christmas presents!
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June: Rachel

The Artichoke, Collective Soul

July: Chris

Miss Saigon

August: Rachel

District 9, Bonefish Grill

September: Chris

Wichita Art Museum

October: Rachel

Wicked!!!, Fazoli's

November: Chris

Artichoke, browsing at Bookaholic

December: Rachel

Dinner at Sumo by Nambara for sushi and hibachi. It was the first time Chris ever had hibachi, and after the chef lit the oil on fire and it blustered up in front of us, he said, "I approve!" We split a dinner and a couple sushi rolls, and that was a pretty perfect amount of food -- we were both pretty full, had a little bit of rice left over, and ate everything else.


January: Chris

Overnight trip to The Cottage House in Council Grove, KS. Had dinner at historic Hays House, a pretty nice Western style restaurant with the claim to be the oldest continually running restaurant west of the Mississippi. Lots of really nice scenery and old timey feel, although a bit cold still!

February: Rachel

Frugal February! Our goal was to spend as little money as possible all month. In the spirit of things, I got takeout from the local Italian place, picked up some cheap candles from Walgreens, and set up an indoor picnic. We ate delicious food, played video games, and cuddled.

March: Chris

Cosmosphere Museum and IMAX showing of Hubble! Dinner from Arby's as we zipped outta town to get back in time for Chris to go to work.

April: Rachel

Looong walk out to El Dorado Lake, where the car was strategically parked. Presentation of parking pass for the park and lake for the year. Drive out to picnic table by the lake, and picnic of deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, sun chips, Hansen soda, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

May: Chris



Oct. 16th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Reflection, originally uploaded by richlayers.


Oct. 14th, 2009 10:26 am
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So far my trip has been awesome. If you want more hour-by-hour info, you can check out my twitter feed (richlayers).

I'm just posting this in the spare minute I have, then I think it's time for a walk in the crazy-beautiful weather St. George has to offer.

Yesterday we went to Zion National Park and today we're going to this museum that has a bunch of dinosaur tracks or something cool like that.

Tomorrow will be another travel day.

There seems to be a flu or illness of some nature going around the household so I'm pumping up on vitamin C and praying that my battered immune system can take it out before it takes me out. So any prayers or good thoughts you can offer on my behalf would be appreciated!
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Perfect Decoration, originally uploaded by richlayers.

If I'm actually 100% honest... I may not have been the actual person to actually have taken this actual picture....


Aug. 7th, 2009 09:32 pm
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I'm on vacation. Sort of. I'm on break from school for last week and next week. I have some stuff I need to do but I don't need to drive back and forth to class every day and I'm pretty well setting my own schedule, which is nice.

The comic has been a lot of work and a lot of fun lately. Aaron went to ConnectiCon last weekend and had a blast, passed out tons of cards and sold a lot of t-shirts (which are now available in our store, check out our designs: ), and shmoozed with some of the coolest names in webcomics. (Yes, you've heard of them.)

Tues, Wed, and Thurs, Chris and I went up to Manhattan (the little one) to see Annamarie, Greg, and Brandon, and some of their significant others. It was a lot of fun: we ate out too much, stayed up too late, played a lot of Rock Band, and watched too much TV. Now, this is starting to sound like an ideal vacation.

So for the next 9 days I am planning to just stay home, spend very little money, and do whatever I can within a ten block radius. (Or I might go for a long walk sometime, depending on if they wind ever comes from the north.)

Chris said to me: "One of these days, soon, you should write a novel."

I said I'd get right on that.

He said: "You read so many. I'm sure you can write a good one."

Well, one thing's for sure, I need to write more. I'm starting to... feel the burn. Ta da, blog entry! About life and stuff! So that's ... a start?


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