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I got a little bead crazy and made a bunch of Puss in Boots bracelets. (I know I said I was going to mostly do updates on my Facebook page, but I like LJ so awfully much!)

Puss in Red

Puss in Purple

Puss in Green
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I went ahead and made a facebook page for my etsy store, so I have somewhere to post updates every time I add something to the store, without a picture spam everywhere all the time. You can "Like" it HERE to get updates on new jewelry, discounts, and special opportunities to win FREE JEWELRY!

Or you can go directly to my etsy shop.

(Can you tell my student job just ended?)

Currently in the shop for just $22, the lovely 12 Dancing Princesses necklace!


This message brought to you by the Corporation for Ladies' Dancing Shoes. Goodnight, everyone!
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I found out yesterday that, while everyone's on spring break, my job is shut down. That's okay, I guess, it gives me more time to do other things, but it's also somewhat inconvenient to lose a week's pay when I have a car payment and have to get my car registered all right about now. Blarg.

So... I've been making some jewelry, and some people have said it's quite nice, so I'm just sayin... if you were ever thinking, "oh maybe someday I'll buy something," now would be really, really helpful. Or if you don't see anything you particularly fancy, but you'd be willing to post a link to this entry, the etsy shop, or one of the pieces therein, somewhere, for other people to see, I'd really appreciate it.

A few samples:

Rapunzel Necklace

Beauty and the Beast Necklace
Beauty and the Beast

Godseye Earrings

RichLayers on Etsy

Etsy Shop

Oct. 24th, 2009 03:06 pm
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Well, I've been signed up on etsy for a while now, but I finally got pictures of some of the jewelry I made and posted it up there. The stuff I had handy has a ... strangely religious theme, but I think they're pretty nice/interesting pieces, so check them out! And buy them! Help me pay off my credit card! Or pass the word on if you know anyone who might like these things. :)

Godseye Earrings:
Godseye Earrings

Miz Pah Bracelet:
Miz Pah Bracelet

Click the link to go to the shop!
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My friend Tamisha ([ profile] noita_ivy, you can read her account on her livejournal) was just in a car accident. :( She's okay, a little scratched and banged up, but the car is totaled, so she and her husband are trying to bring in some extra money.

She's got a shop with some beautifully designed jewelry, and in the hopes of some economic stimulus, she's offering a 10% discount if you use the coupon code WRECK when you check out.

Some of her lovely designs:

asian stamp

deer and sun necklace

Check out the rest of her store at Tamisha Design!


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