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I think she's gonna win...

Chorley FTW

Thanks to [ profile] skullx for the inspired drawing! It looks exactly like her. :D
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Elephant Fountain, originally uploaded by richlayers.

This house is for sale. I will buy it if the fountain is included.

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Once upon a time there was an elephant and her name was /KHO*Rly. She lived with her mother and father at a little house at the edge of the clearing in the big woods. One day she decided that it was time to pick a career: The future was coming right up and she knew that it would be here before she was ready if she wasn't careful. So she went to her teachers and Said, "look, I really think it is time to start talking about career paths." Her teacher Said, "chorely, you are still in second grade! Do you not want to enjoy your childhood a little bit longer? It will be over soon enough." "That is exactly my point!" Chorely cried. Well, her teacher told her to go play and that was the end of that. But chorely did not give up. She knew the future was coming and she would be ready for it.


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