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I think she's gonna win...

Chorley FTW

Thanks to [ profile] skullx for the inspired drawing! It looks exactly like her. :D
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This video reminds me of a lot of my creative friends out there... and is also pretty inspirational! Also mom said she was getting the book for the library, so that's pretty neat, too.
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Fitcher's Bird

More Pictures.... )
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My friend Tamisha ([ profile] noita_ivy, you can read her account on her livejournal) was just in a car accident. :( She's okay, a little scratched and banged up, but the car is totaled, so she and her husband are trying to bring in some extra money.

She's got a shop with some beautifully designed jewelry, and in the hopes of some economic stimulus, she's offering a 10% discount if you use the coupon code WRECK when you check out.

Some of her lovely designs:

asian stamp

deer and sun necklace

Check out the rest of her store at Tamisha Design!
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So, I know I'm not the only one doing this or anything, but I'm going to try to post a photo I took, or maybe some artwork I've done (and taken a picture of?) every day. Just to keep myself trying to get interesting shots and unique artwork going. I guess you might say it's a new year's resolution, although I may have started before Jan. 1... So if you see something you like, give me a shout about it! :)

Meanwhile, while I've been thinking about photography, I found a couple communities I really like, and since I know there are at least a couple other people on my flist who are into photography, I thought I'd share:

[ profile] texture, focuses, obviously, on texture. Mostly closeups of interesting things, high quality photos and different and interesting perspectives. Good to look at if you want something fresh and inspiring.

[ profile] altphoto isn't really THAT "alt" but they have some really cool pictures from time to time. Again, inspirational and interesting.

[ profile] limeflowertea, not strictly a photography community, but the pictures tend to be the kinds of things that evoke nostalgia or wistfulness, drawing out the fantastic side of life. Definitely one that I'm enjoying watching.

Also, this Ian Grant guy has some nice photography and is running a contest so get in on that! You know me, I don't really care about weddings or anything to do with them, BUT I really love his landscape/national park pictures, and he's got some pretty awesome portraits up, too, so check it all out.


Jan. 11th, 2009 04:55 pm
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Grass, originally uploaded by richlayers.


Jan. 10th, 2009 03:47 pm
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Focus, originally uploaded by richlayers.

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Playground Chimes, originally uploaded by richlayers.

I had such vague memories of playing at the Augusta Lake playground as I child. Mostly I remembered discovering that there was a speaker at each end of the playground, and if you talked into one, someone could easily hear you at the other, and vice versa. But looking around and taking pictures, a few more memories surfaced, including these chimes. I loved how this picture turned out, too.

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IMG_2334, originally uploaded by richlayers.

Amazing times we live in, ya know.

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Richlayers vol. 1: Dreams, originally uploaded by richlayers.

This is the frontispiece and title page of the altered art book I've been working on. It's actually easier to see the word "dreams" in the picture than the actual book because the flash brought it out; if the light is at all dim it fades below the purple paper.

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Richlayers Vol. 1: Dreams, originally uploaded by richlayers.

I started this altered art book after Tammy showed me a few that she had made. The actual book is an old cookbook that was discarded from the library. The front collage is all found art, cuttings, papers, things I found that fit the "dream" theme.


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