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I think she's gonna win...

Chorley FTW

Thanks to [ profile] skullx for the inspired drawing! It looks exactly like her. :D
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hymiez: ugh. I wish I could rewind this year
richlayers: to where?
hymiez: New Years Day
richlayers: IT WAS MAGICAL
hymiez: ?!
hymiez: we never had a night together... lol
richlayers: ON THE BALCONY
hymiez: did we?!
hymiez: lol
richlayers: UNDER THE STARS!
hymiez: OH
richlayers: AFTER THE MOVIE!
hymiez: that :D
hymiez: yes
hymiez: lol
richlayers: AND DOCTOR TRAN!
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A sister and madness

She stops babbling and starts burbling. The burble rises to a sound you barely recognise. Is that a song? Her neck convulses as if the muscles of her throat are in revolt. But the effect is weirdly calming. Each note follows the last like a stylishly dressed assassin: dramatic, unexpected, inevitable. You find yourself nodding along. Even Hephaesta seems relaxed.

The song ends and your friend starts making a little more sense. Someone was hunting her down, but she couldn't abandon her twin sister, the Eccentric Opera Singer. Her sister has been driven mad, though, and is in the place mad people go. Will you make sure she is safe? She pulls a locket from her neck and presses it into your hands before she slumps back into a deep, calm sleep.

[To find her sister, you'll need to increase your Nightmares enough to get into the place that mad people go.]
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This video reminds me of a lot of my creative friends out there... and is also pretty inspirational! Also mom said she was getting the book for the library, so that's pretty neat, too.
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Hey all! We've got a con coming up (Connecticon 2009 in Hartford Ct, July 31, Aug 1, Aug 2) and Aaron and I wanted to sell some shirts! These are 3 designs we've come up with! Would you buy any of them? Multiple designs? Hate them all? We need feedback! :)

The price of each would be $20, which includes S&H if people wanted one and couldn't make it to the con. Sizes would be M, L, XL, and XXL. Black shirt with white type on a fruit of the loom 50/50 Tee. :)

Pie of Truth

All the Answers

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I'm just going to start talking and we'll see how far I get before I run out of energy and fall asleep. Since it's been a while since I had, you know, a real update.

Let's see. I hardly even know where to begin.

Oh, yeah.

NEAR AND FAR IS BACK! After our month long break during which I didn't get as much done as I should (sorry, Aaron, I wuv you!), there is a brand new, totally awesome comic, which you need to go check out right now! Get our page hits up! Back with a fury and all!

Last Tuesday, June 2, I went to my great aunt and uncle's to celebrate my great grandmother Bonnie's 102nd birthday party. We had barbecue and cake and she got a lot of cards and some flowers. I must say, she's looking pretty well for a centenarian:

Great Grandma Bonnie

(Picture by Mom.)


I'm still in school. All summer. I got a 2 week break and then it was back to classes for speedbuilding, which I am finding frustrating and difficult. I wouldn't hesitate to say that I'm annoyed and discouraged with the whole thing. I KNOW that I just have to keep practicing and I can do just fine at it. But it's frustrating to practice when I know I suck, and I can't get better without practicing....

So basically, it's a long slog. Nothing really new to report, except that I'm spending a lot of time with that, my realtime technology class, and legal terminology. Which ... I guess ... even though this is what I want to do... none of those classes are particularly what I'd call fun and enjoyable. Is THIS what college was SUPPOSED to be like?! Is THIS why I can't use my degree for anything?!


Weddings, weddings, everywhere.

May 30th my long-time dear friend Elizabeth got married to her sweetheart Nathan. They tied the knot at his parents' place in Bethany, MO. It was a really nice service, during which I stood at the front and wished my heels weren't sinking into the ground. The pastor did work a Princess Bride marriage reference in, though, so I think it was worth it! Well, for me, I mean. It was definitely worth it for Elizabeth and Nathan.

This is my favorite picture of me and her, from after the ceremony:

Elizabeth and Rachel

Then June 6th, my long ago ex, Michael, and his mini-Michaele, tied the knot just outside of Fredonia. Boy it was nice to only have to go half as far to see my college crowd. They had a really pretty location by the water, lots of flowers, bumblebees buzzed around the bridesmaids.... Got to introduce Chris to some more of my old crowd and it was just a good chance to talk and catch up with a bunch of people.

The last two weekends in June will be taken up with more weddingly-activities, these times for my friend Heather. Only one more bouquet toss to dodge!


That's pretty much it. Or at least all I can think about now that it's time for me to go to sleep.... I haven't been online a LOT, but I seem to manage to throw a few updates out to twitter and/or facebook. So that's that.

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Last night I had a dream that I started a new comic. I think I started it with Aaron again cause he was really annoyed about all the drawing styles involved. But it totally made sense because...

The comic was about a coalition of webcomic characters unionizing over some outrage in the cyberworld. I'm not too clear on the details. So there was art from all sorts of recognizable comics. There was T-Rex and Tycho, sitting down with characters from PvP and Questionable Content, and in walks a stick figure in a hat....

But there was also a lot of guest art and lots of little start up comics that wanted cameos cooperated... it was good times.
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[15:07] drewandcrew2002: yay!
[15:08] drewandcrew2002: fun
[15:09] richlayers: lolyay
[15:09] drewandcrew2002: lolyay
[15:09] drewandcrew2002: :D
[15:10] drewandcrew2002: lolyayfun!
[15:10] richlayers: lolyayfuning?!
[15:10] drewandcrew2002: totallolyayfuning!
[15:11] richlayers: totallolyayfuningcopters!
[15:12] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcopters!
[15:13] richlayers: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo!
[15:16] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfobbq!
[15:16] richlayers: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo...omgwtfbbq...
[15:17] drewandcrew2002: zomgtotallolyayfuningcoptersftwgtfo...omgwtfbbq...of doom
[15:19] richlayers: I think you win.
[15:20] drewandcrew2002: yay! :D

This seems extremely true to me:

Forget about the hybrid auto -- Shai Agassi says it's electric cars or bust if we want to impact emissions. His company, Better Place, has a radical plan to take entire countries oil-free by 2020. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 18:06.)
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Hey everybody!

Check out, because RIGHT NOW we are having a contest, and the winner gets CUSTOM ARTWORK by Aaron! Anything you want!

All the rules are in the blog under today's pin up poste---comic!
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OH MY GAWD! A whole page of my blog and no mention of Near and Far!!!!!

That's better! Check it out! ;)
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I really won't keep spamming your friends pages with updates about Near and Far -- did you notice how restrained I have been all week? No? Well I was.

Anyway -- today is my favorite SO FAR! Check it out!

But I really am going to try to contain myself and chill on the matter of nagging you about it. Even though I want to remind the entire internet every time we update!

But remember, you can get an LJ feed for the comics if you want! It will just post to your friends page like a normal post with a link to the comic and the blog that went with the comic. You can join by going here:

Just click the link that says "Add this feed to your friends list for news aggregation" and you'll be all set forever!

Also, if you see a comic you like, or if you just like the overall comic, it would be a huge favor to me if you would pass the link along. Right now we are just getting started, but we have some fun and HILARIOUS strips coming up, and the best thing we can do is get the word out. All hits are good hits! So please spread the word!
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There's been a slight problem with the updates to the comic... something about the cache not clearing out fast enough, so people couldn't see the new comics right away.

This SHOULD be fixed now, thanks to our Mighty Webmaster. So to show your appreciation for that... be sure and check out tonight's comic! :D
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We've had two successful Near and Far updates! Guys, that's like... more than one comic that you can look at in a row now! If you were waiting for a good time to check it out, this is it!

And these friendly reminders from me can't keep going on forever... cause you know... I gotta write the comic... yeah. But FORTUNATELY there is a livejournal RSS feed, so you will get the update right on your friends page!

You can add it here:

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It's official everyone! Near and Far has started! Was it worth the wait? OF COURSE IT WAS!

So go check it out: !


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