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John-Boy posted this a day or so ago and it's been in my head most of the time since then.
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I still think of this every time I have a late night snack. On impulse I looked it up tonight:

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Today I took my first speed test at 60 words per minute. If you haven't been paying attention, yes I can type faster than that on a normal keyboard, (between 70-80) but I'm learning a whole new keyboard! Which will be much faster in the end.

So I got 84.6% accuracy on the test. Unfortunately you have to get 95% accuracy to PASS a speed test. I missed 46 words during the dictation, which I felt pretty bad about. Oddly enough, when our teacher figured it up and told me the percentage, I felt a lot better. Like, "Hey, in NORMAL circumstances, I still got a B!"

Anyway, there are two days left of class this semester, then I have a two week break. (During which I swear I will totally study....haha.)

I am pretty excited about that break, though, especially with the weather heading swiftly toward 80 degrees today. This is about where I'm at:

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I have no pictures today. I have old pictures that I took a long time ago and I don't like them anymore. Well I like some of them. But they're from a long time ago. This is how it shall be.

Two of my favorite things combined:


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