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Dear Everybody,

This is just to let everyone know everything that's going on.

1) I quit the realtime reporting/steno program! There is a long story behind this, but just know, it's the right decision and I'm okay with it. Anyone want to buy a steno machine?

2) I'm ENGAGED?! Haha yes I am. Weird, right? I've got the guy picked out and everything.

3) I'm going to Mexico! I'll be back next Friday night.

So point me to your important updates here cause I won't be scrolling back through 1000+pages of friends entries. Or whatever however much you guys all update....

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June: Rachel

The Artichoke, Collective Soul

July: Chris

Miss Saigon

August: Rachel

District 9, Bonefish Grill

September: Chris

Wichita Art Museum

October: Rachel

Wicked!!!, Fazoli's

November: Chris

Artichoke, browsing at Bookaholic

December: Rachel

Dinner at Sumo by Nambara for sushi and hibachi. It was the first time Chris ever had hibachi, and after the chef lit the oil on fire and it blustered up in front of us, he said, "I approve!" We split a dinner and a couple sushi rolls, and that was a pretty perfect amount of food -- we were both pretty full, had a little bit of rice left over, and ate everything else.


January: Chris

Overnight trip to The Cottage House in Council Grove, KS. Had dinner at historic Hays House, a pretty nice Western style restaurant with the claim to be the oldest continually running restaurant west of the Mississippi. Lots of really nice scenery and old timey feel, although a bit cold still!

February: Rachel

Frugal February! Our goal was to spend as little money as possible all month. In the spirit of things, I got takeout from the local Italian place, picked up some cheap candles from Walgreens, and set up an indoor picnic. We ate delicious food, played video games, and cuddled.

March: Chris

Cosmosphere Museum and IMAX showing of Hubble! Dinner from Arby's as we zipped outta town to get back in time for Chris to go to work.

April: Rachel

Looong walk out to El Dorado Lake, where the car was strategically parked. Presentation of parking pass for the park and lake for the year. Drive out to picnic table by the lake, and picnic of deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, sun chips, Hansen soda, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

May: Chris

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Oh my lovely baby--but wait a minute, is this supposed to be my lover or my baby? Because the idea of infantophelia is pretty disturbing.

Baby, baby, baby, I want to take you--take you where though? Although that does raise another interesting question IF WE ARE speaking metaphorically....

You make my heart race, or possibly that is the adrenaline rush from the near car accident I just experienced.

You've got my heart in your hands, baby--revenge of the infants right here.

Darling, you are all I ever need. Well technically I still need oxygen and food and water, and I'm not too keen to give up a place to live and some basic creature comforts like my bed and my shower, without which I'm sure you would suddenly find me to be much less appealing.

I'm madly in love with you. Angrily, you might say. Or you might just call it insanity. And, while we're at it, "in" love? Wouldn't I be "feeling" love? Although I am going to say that "feeling love with you" is more ideally sound than "feeling love for you," at least on a mutually satisfactory level.

You're the only one I need, the only one I see. Well, I mean, I still SEE other people, but I just don't SEE them, if you SEE what I mean.

You are always on my mind... which is getting a little uncomfortable: please move your ass off my head.

You are one in a million--and according to a quick google search I just did, the current population is 6,763,611,245, which means that there are approximately 6,763 people just like you, or at least that would be just as suited to being in a relationship with me as you are. However the majority of those people probably reside in China and India, and finding them would really be more bother than it's worth, so let's just say that you'll do.

You are my eternal flame.
--Ouch. Need I say more?


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