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Even I Can Get Lucky, originally uploaded by richlayers.

This was my first throw of the night, totally random, skill-less luck.

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Apples to Apples, Funny Pairs, originally uploaded by richlayers.

I don't know exactly how these are AWKWARD... but it was a pretty funny grouping!

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[15:15] richlayers: I accidentally a coca cola bottle, is this bad?
[15:17] pastoromuppetz: You accidentally what a coca cola bottle?
[15:18] pastoromuppetz: It could be bad or good
[15:18] richlayers: Oh I was just messing arond and I accidentally the whoooole bottle.
[15:19] pastoromuppetz: accidentally what?
[15:20] richlayers: a coca-cola bottle
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: but what did you do with it?
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: accidentally
[15:20] richlayers: hold on one sec I need to the bottle
[15:20] pastoromuppetz: Wow you're making my head hurt
[15:21] richlayers: oh sorry it's just hard that I'm trying to type with you and I'm having a hard time when the whole bottle accidentally LOL
[15:22] pastoromuppetz: Ok
[15:23] richlayers: Well you know when you and then the whole bottle gets stuck.
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: Actually I don't know
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: But I'll take your word for it
[15:24] pastoromuppetz: And just imagine the dirtiest possible scenario with a coke bottle getting stuck
[15:25] richlayers: Well you know, have you ever with a bottle? This is the whole thing.
[15:27] richlayers: well maybe I can explain it better when I tell you
[15:28] richlayers: See, I was screwing around in the playground, with the poles in it, and then a couple of guys came around with these coca-cola bottles
[15:28] richlayers: they were really up to no good, then we were and suddenly I accidentally the WHOLE BOTTLE
[15:29] pastoromuppetz: That makes sense
[15:29] richlayers: and my mom got scared and said "you're accidentally the whole bottle with your auntie and uncle in bel-air"
[15:29] richlayers: I whistled for a coca cola truck and when I came near the bottle said FRESH
[15:29] richlayers: and had ICE in the rear


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