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I work in the library computer lab four days a week. I have my "own" computer and table, shared with the other lab monitors. It has it's own computer with a sign reading, "Reserved for Lab Monitor," a bottle of Germ-X, a stapler, and a box of Kleenex.

The library director (my mom) bought about 50,000 purple pens that have the name of the library stamped on the side. They're very nice pens, and there's a mug of them sitting on my little table with the other supplies for students' use.

And every time I come in here, someone has taken out the highlighter, the pencil, and the one non-matching pen, and set them on the table next to the mug. This is just beyond my comprehension -- because what's wrong with keeping all the writing utensils together in a place where they can't roll onto the floor and get lost?

Yet it never, never fails -- as soon as I get here I gather them up and put them back with the rest of the matching pens. It's not a major annoyance so much as a constant slight peeve. And then I have to turn around and wonder -- am I driving someone else crazy? What is with my need to have the desk tidy? Why do I have to MIX THESE PENS TOGETHER??

So I ask you, unknown OCDer: Why must you segregate these pens???
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Some of you may know that my new year's resolution is to write more letters. You know, the kind that come in the mail and have a stamp on them and take up more than a note card. So if anyone wants a pen pal, (even if you're overseas, I don't mind the air mail rates for letters), now would be a good time to tell me.

We are supposed to have another snowstorm some time in the next hours. All the meetings for tonight and tomorrow are being canceled, although nothing has started yet. I was hoping to go to Pittsburgh with Mom, because she had a meeting in Fort Scott, but that got canceled already, so that's out. I was looking forward to lunch with Michael and Rory, but that will have to wait for another trip.

I did have a nice lunch today with Mom and Judy, so that was fun and delicious.

I'm trying to get more practice time in for class and it's just hard and sucky to set aside the time for it. But I want the job so I'll keep at it!

And one final library note: Why do people come in to a completely open lab, and take the one seat closest to me? What makes them think that it's better to sit right up in my space when there's an entirely open row of seats just a little farther away?
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I decided to read Fahrenheit 451 this week. Not only is it a frequently banned or challenged book, but, well, if you've read it, you know what it's about. Book burning! Yeah!

And... I haven't read it before. That just seems kind of wrong for someone like me. So this week I am working to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, some of my favorite authors are using their blogs to feature Banned Books week, with many helpful and informational links, and a lot of thoughts on the whole situation from author perspectives.

Jo Knowles, author of Jumping Off Swings and Lessons From a Dead Girl, is running a Haiku contest over at her blog, [ profile] jbknowles, and giving away a signed first edition copy of one of her books to the winner.

Lisa Schroeder, author of Far From You and Chasing Brooklyn (Now available for pre-order) tells a wonderful anecdote about being a parent and author at her blog, [ profile] lisa_schroeder.

Laurie Halse Anderson has a great entry full of resources and links.

Neil Gaiman's most recent entry has some good links and commentary about some of his experiences and thoughts on book banning and challenges. (And escaping from the attic, apparently.)

Happy reading!
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"My paper is mostly quotes."

That would make it... err... not so much your paper, perhaps, as some research you put on the same page?


Jan. 10th, 2009 03:47 pm
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