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Some of you may know that my new year's resolution is to write more letters. You know, the kind that come in the mail and have a stamp on them and take up more than a note card. So if anyone wants a pen pal, (even if you're overseas, I don't mind the air mail rates for letters), now would be a good time to tell me.

We are supposed to have another snowstorm some time in the next hours. All the meetings for tonight and tomorrow are being canceled, although nothing has started yet. I was hoping to go to Pittsburgh with Mom, because she had a meeting in Fort Scott, but that got canceled already, so that's out. I was looking forward to lunch with Michael and Rory, but that will have to wait for another trip.

I did have a nice lunch today with Mom and Judy, so that was fun and delicious.

I'm trying to get more practice time in for class and it's just hard and sucky to set aside the time for it. But I want the job so I'll keep at it!

And one final library note: Why do people come in to a completely open lab, and take the one seat closest to me? What makes them think that it's better to sit right up in my space when there's an entirely open row of seats just a little farther away?
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Oh my goodness gracious, I have 4 unused icon slots for LJ. Whatever shall I do? Must... have... icons! My new Christmas icon comes courtesy of [ profile] darklingwoods, one of my very favorite artists, inspired by [ profile] tw_babiez, my very favorite fanfic.

Tonight I realized how lazy technology makes me when I started texting Chris about plans for later on in the evening, even though he was right downstairs. It was just TOO FAR to walk.

So far my Christmas vacation has been busier than the whole semester. I think that will improve when I finish making all the gifts I want to make. I did mail everything that needs mail, I think, although I still haven't heard from Michael on whether or not he's going to let me know when he's in Fredonia. In which case I might end up mailing stuff for the Pittsburg crew... blah. I've spent enough on postage, thank you very much.

But I still have to finish getting Christmas cards together. So if you haven't gotten one yet... you still might.

The cats like to sit on the bathroom counter. It's no longer a safe place for toothbrushes, contact cases, or anything else that you want to keep generally hygienic.

So anyway. Just jotting down a few thoughts. Now time to go watch a Christmas movie while working on making Christmas presents!
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[13:50] richlayers: is it digital?
[13:51] mfienen: Yeah.
[13:51] mfienen: dSLR
[13:53] mfienen:
[13:55] richlayers: how much was it?
[13:56] mfienen: Got it for $500.
[13:57] mfienen: Compare at
[13:57] richlayers: yeah I saw all the comparison prices at the bottom of the first page you sent me
[13:58] richlayers: well, it's a little early, but it's a really thoughtful christmas present
[13:58] richlayers: I'll let you know when it gets here
[13:58] mfienen: Yay Craig's List.
[13:58] mfienen: Wait... what?
[13:58] mfienen: Christmas what?
[13:58] richlayers: all right all right
[13:59] richlayers: it can be my combined Christmas and birthday present
[13:59] richlayers: I understand
[13:59] mfienen: Sure thing.
[13:59] mfienen: I'll get right on that.
[13:59] richlayers: I appreciate it.
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I'm just going to start talking and we'll see how far I get before I run out of energy and fall asleep. Since it's been a while since I had, you know, a real update.

Let's see. I hardly even know where to begin.

Oh, yeah.

NEAR AND FAR IS BACK! After our month long break during which I didn't get as much done as I should (sorry, Aaron, I wuv you!), there is a brand new, totally awesome comic, which you need to go check out right now! Get our page hits up! Back with a fury and all!

Last Tuesday, June 2, I went to my great aunt and uncle's to celebrate my great grandmother Bonnie's 102nd birthday party. We had barbecue and cake and she got a lot of cards and some flowers. I must say, she's looking pretty well for a centenarian:

Great Grandma Bonnie

(Picture by Mom.)


I'm still in school. All summer. I got a 2 week break and then it was back to classes for speedbuilding, which I am finding frustrating and difficult. I wouldn't hesitate to say that I'm annoyed and discouraged with the whole thing. I KNOW that I just have to keep practicing and I can do just fine at it. But it's frustrating to practice when I know I suck, and I can't get better without practicing....

So basically, it's a long slog. Nothing really new to report, except that I'm spending a lot of time with that, my realtime technology class, and legal terminology. Which ... I guess ... even though this is what I want to do... none of those classes are particularly what I'd call fun and enjoyable. Is THIS what college was SUPPOSED to be like?! Is THIS why I can't use my degree for anything?!


Weddings, weddings, everywhere.

May 30th my long-time dear friend Elizabeth got married to her sweetheart Nathan. They tied the knot at his parents' place in Bethany, MO. It was a really nice service, during which I stood at the front and wished my heels weren't sinking into the ground. The pastor did work a Princess Bride marriage reference in, though, so I think it was worth it! Well, for me, I mean. It was definitely worth it for Elizabeth and Nathan.

This is my favorite picture of me and her, from after the ceremony:

Elizabeth and Rachel

Then June 6th, my long ago ex, Michael, and his mini-Michaele, tied the knot just outside of Fredonia. Boy it was nice to only have to go half as far to see my college crowd. They had a really pretty location by the water, lots of flowers, bumblebees buzzed around the bridesmaids.... Got to introduce Chris to some more of my old crowd and it was just a good chance to talk and catch up with a bunch of people.

The last two weekends in June will be taken up with more weddingly-activities, these times for my friend Heather. Only one more bouquet toss to dodge!


That's pretty much it. Or at least all I can think about now that it's time for me to go to sleep.... I haven't been online a LOT, but I seem to manage to throw a few updates out to twitter and/or facebook. So that's that.

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Even I Can Get Lucky, originally uploaded by richlayers.

This was my first throw of the night, totally random, skill-less luck.

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Apples to Apples, Funny Pairs, originally uploaded by richlayers.

I don't know exactly how these are AWKWARD... but it was a pretty funny grouping!

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Michael got this video at the Buddhist Mandala ceremony that's going on at Pitt State right now.

WARNING: Four minutes of intensive, painstaking sand placement! Do not watch if you are not interested in Mandala ceremony! :)


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