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Dear Everybody,

This is just to let everyone know everything that's going on.

1) I quit the realtime reporting/steno program! There is a long story behind this, but just know, it's the right decision and I'm okay with it. Anyone want to buy a steno machine?

2) I'm ENGAGED?! Haha yes I am. Weird, right? I've got the guy picked out and everything.

3) I'm going to Mexico! I'll be back next Friday night.

So point me to your important updates here cause I won't be scrolling back through 1000+pages of friends entries. Or whatever however much you guys all update....

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Today I went to class where I failed to pass any tests. My computer is finally compatible with the school printers, until it randomly stops working again -- I don't have my hopes up. Spent about an hour trying to fix Lisa's computer, with promising results. Will turn the whole thing over to BoyfriendUnit tonight.

In commiseration of failures of the day, Lisa bought me a soda, which I dumped on my passenger seat while taking a corner. Managed to catch it after only minor spillage and switch broken Styrofoam out for empty coffee mug. Had to take the long way back to the turnpike because someone has decided to dump huge piles of dirt all over my road.

Got to the library outer door, opened it, walked through, promptly tripped on rug and went down on one knee. In a painful way.

Do not feel like practicing or doing anything productive for the rest of the day.

And it's only just after noon. :/
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I spent Wednesday and Thursday at an intensive all-day closed captioning workshop. I now know more about closed captioning than... the average... lay person.

So... what did I miss around here? What's going on with you? Any important entries I missed? How've you been this week? Let me know!
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THE COURT: The question is: Do you remember? if you don't remember, it's not a problem.
A: I don't remember exactly, no.
Q. Do you remember whether it was more than $400?
A. Yes, it was more than 400.
Q. Do you know whether it was more than a thousand dollars?
A. Yes, it was more than a thousand dollars.
Q. Do you know whether it was more than $2,000?
A. Yes, it was.
Q. Was it more than $2,500?
A. Yes.
THE COURT: What is this, The Price Is Right?

If you can spot the problem I had with this take, you're a winner!


Sep. 12th, 2009 01:33 am
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I felt pretty weird about the whole situation. I mean, my main memories consist of being accused of breathing her oxygen and being made fun of in general. I guess everyone deserves a chance to grow up, and it's no better to hold a grudge than it is to stay mean.

So I worded it carefully. I mean, I didn't want to come out and say, "What you talkin' 'bout, bi-otch?!" But on the other hand, I wanted to cleverly put a little sting in a remark, and only blunt it with a smile -- not take it away.

And I guess it's fair to say that I wanted to be recognized for my cleverness. I wanted some "Oh, snap!" to be involved.


So I guess in the end ... I was nicer than I wanted to be. And I suppose she recognized it for what it was, at least at some level.


What do you say to the stranger who grew up in place of the mean girl in school?
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Another take that amused me:

Q. Trooper, was the defendant obviously drunk when you arrested her?
DEFENSE COUNSEL: Objection your honor it calls for a conclusion.
THE COURT: Sustained.
Q. Trooper, when you stopped the defendant were your red and blue lights flashing?
A. Yes, ma'am.
Q. Did the defendant say anything when she got out of her car?
A. Yes, ma'am.
Q. What did she say?
A. "What disco am I at?"
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One of the steno takes that I've been working on -- hilarious!

Q. What happened to your right eye?
A. Oh, got shot.
Q. What was that all about?
A. It was with my ex-wife.
Q. She shot you in the face?
A. Right.
Q. I assume you got a divorce from her after that?
A. No.
Q. How long did you stay married?
A. About six months we hadn't been married when this happened.
Q. Oh you weren't married? She shot you and you got married afterwards?
A. Yes.
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I'm just going to start talking and we'll see how far I get before I run out of energy and fall asleep. Since it's been a while since I had, you know, a real update.

Let's see. I hardly even know where to begin.

Oh, yeah.

NEAR AND FAR IS BACK! After our month long break during which I didn't get as much done as I should (sorry, Aaron, I wuv you!), there is a brand new, totally awesome comic, which you need to go check out right now! Get our page hits up! Back with a fury and all!

Last Tuesday, June 2, I went to my great aunt and uncle's to celebrate my great grandmother Bonnie's 102nd birthday party. We had barbecue and cake and she got a lot of cards and some flowers. I must say, she's looking pretty well for a centenarian:

Great Grandma Bonnie

(Picture by Mom.)


I'm still in school. All summer. I got a 2 week break and then it was back to classes for speedbuilding, which I am finding frustrating and difficult. I wouldn't hesitate to say that I'm annoyed and discouraged with the whole thing. I KNOW that I just have to keep practicing and I can do just fine at it. But it's frustrating to practice when I know I suck, and I can't get better without practicing....

So basically, it's a long slog. Nothing really new to report, except that I'm spending a lot of time with that, my realtime technology class, and legal terminology. Which ... I guess ... even though this is what I want to do... none of those classes are particularly what I'd call fun and enjoyable. Is THIS what college was SUPPOSED to be like?! Is THIS why I can't use my degree for anything?!


Weddings, weddings, everywhere.

May 30th my long-time dear friend Elizabeth got married to her sweetheart Nathan. They tied the knot at his parents' place in Bethany, MO. It was a really nice service, during which I stood at the front and wished my heels weren't sinking into the ground. The pastor did work a Princess Bride marriage reference in, though, so I think it was worth it! Well, for me, I mean. It was definitely worth it for Elizabeth and Nathan.

This is my favorite picture of me and her, from after the ceremony:

Elizabeth and Rachel

Then June 6th, my long ago ex, Michael, and his mini-Michaele, tied the knot just outside of Fredonia. Boy it was nice to only have to go half as far to see my college crowd. They had a really pretty location by the water, lots of flowers, bumblebees buzzed around the bridesmaids.... Got to introduce Chris to some more of my old crowd and it was just a good chance to talk and catch up with a bunch of people.

The last two weekends in June will be taken up with more weddingly-activities, these times for my friend Heather. Only one more bouquet toss to dodge!


That's pretty much it. Or at least all I can think about now that it's time for me to go to sleep.... I haven't been online a LOT, but I seem to manage to throw a few updates out to twitter and/or facebook. So that's that.

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Today I took my first speed test at 60 words per minute. If you haven't been paying attention, yes I can type faster than that on a normal keyboard, (between 70-80) but I'm learning a whole new keyboard! Which will be much faster in the end.

So I got 84.6% accuracy on the test. Unfortunately you have to get 95% accuracy to PASS a speed test. I missed 46 words during the dictation, which I felt pretty bad about. Oddly enough, when our teacher figured it up and told me the percentage, I felt a lot better. Like, "Hey, in NORMAL circumstances, I still got a B!"

Anyway, there are two days left of class this semester, then I have a two week break. (During which I swear I will totally study....haha.)

I am pretty excited about that break, though, especially with the weather heading swiftly toward 80 degrees today. This is about where I'm at:

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I just tried to write "You've never been in my home," and instead wrote "You've never been in my mom."
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waylaid - ambushed, accosted

contraindicated - to make the indicated or expected treatment or drug inadvisable

biopsy - the removal of living tissue from the body for diagnostic examination

anterior - at or toward the front, forward; ventral

posterior - at or toward the rear, behind; dorsal; later, following, succeeding

prognosis - prediction of the probable course of a disease or chances of recovery

duplicitous - deceitful

modus operandi - the way of doing or accomplishing something

conglomerate - clustered, collected into a single mass

stockade - an enclosure for military prisoners; to surround, protect, or fortify with a stockade
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Gotta Focus, originally uploaded by richlayers.

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Once upon a time there was an elephant and her name was /KHO*Rly. She lived with her mother and father at a little house at the edge of the clearing in the big woods. One day she decided that it was time to pick a career: The future was coming right up and she knew that it would be here before she was ready if she wasn't careful. So she went to her teachers and Said, "look, I really think it is time to start talking about career paths." Her teacher Said, "chorely, you are still in second grade! Do you not want to enjoy your childhood a little bit longer? It will be over soon enough." "That is exactly my point!" Chorely cried. Well, her teacher told her to go play and that was the end of that. But chorely did not give up. She knew the future was coming and she would be ready for it.


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