May. 14th, 2010

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I went ahead and made a facebook page for my etsy store, so I have somewhere to post updates every time I add something to the store, without a picture spam everywhere all the time. You can "Like" it HERE to get updates on new jewelry, discounts, and special opportunities to win FREE JEWELRY!

Or you can go directly to my etsy shop.

(Can you tell my student job just ended?)

Currently in the shop for just $22, the lovely 12 Dancing Princesses necklace!


This message brought to you by the Corporation for Ladies' Dancing Shoes. Goodnight, everyone!
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A thing that I am into these days (in case you're wondering about the bizarre tweets) is a game called Echo Bazaar. It's a steampunkish RPG/choose your own adventure, played on the web -- no download or installation necessary. It's one of the only games I've ever seen where writing turns out to be a valuable skill!

So I wrote up a penny dreadful about Smiler Jack (the Ripper?) and got my inspiration level up to a whopping 8, instead of the required 5, to go for the bigger challenge, and I'm pleased as plucky with this outcome:

'Madam,' [says my publisher] 'this is quite an achievement. You'll excuse me if I don't shake your hand.'

You are escorted from the publisher's office and questioned by constables. Your work gives nine hundred readers nightmares and closes four schools. Women scream and faint as you pass in the street. Sales are excellent. You receive an unexpected bonus: late one night, a stranger delivers a package of bottled souls to your door. You don't see his face, but a note with the package reads: 'Best wishes - Jack'

The storyline is along the lines of... you get arrested and stuck in prison. When you escape, you end up, not back in London, but in Fallen London, where strange adventures await. It's nice because it only takes a few minutes to play at a time, and then you just get on with your day. (Something like Mafia Wars, but without the excessive pointlessness.) There are tiny stories, and longer storylines you can choose to follow.

You sign in with your twitter account, and then you can interact with anyone who's following you. You don't ever have to tweet, but you can. And sometimes I choose to. That's right, I choose.

Is anyone else playing that I don't know about? Cause I'll invite you to play a game of chess if you are....

She looks like a librarian, don't you think....

Now to do some REAL writing....


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